Sg ktv review

Enjoy a fun karaoke session with your family and friends! Enjoy an epic karaoke session with your family and friends in one of our cozy private rooms! Sing and dance like no one is watching!

Party World KTV, Singapore: Address, Phone Number, Party World KTV Reviews: 3.5/5

Show off your superb singing skills in our hall and impress everyone! Take turns to have a singing battle with your new karaoke friends! Playlist KTV is a popular choice for many special occasions!

From birthday celebrations to company outings, everyone is bound to have lots of fun! We are a family friendly karaoke, no alcohol is allowed.

Kids are welcome to join in the fun! Kids 6 and below enter for free! Enjoy the new and convenient way of selecting songs straight from your phone! Multiple phone connections allowed! Pw80 mods Family Friendly Karaoke.

Book Now: Group Discount Promotion. Our Services. Private Rooms Enjoy an epic karaoke session with your family and friends in one of our cozy private rooms! Hall Karaoke Show off your superb singing skills in our hall and impress everyone! Our Features.

Family Friendly. Smart Phone Selection. Check out our affordable rates and keep an eye out for special deals! Learn More. Our Reviews. Follow Us on Instagram. Load More Follow on Instagram. Follow Us on Spotify. View More Karaoke Playlists.HH: 3.

HH: 4. HH: 2pm - 9pm SH: 9pm - 2. HH: 3pm - 8.

Confessions of a KTV club hostess: Impending closure of Havelock nightclub will affect my income

HH: 5. HH: 3pm - 8pm SH: 8pm - 2. HH: 4pm - 9pm SH: 9pm - 2. HH: SH: 11pm - 5. HH: 2.

New bar alert: Ziggy’s puts a luxurious spin on karaoke

Session HH: 3. Address A syed Alwi road Singapore Session HH: 4.

sg ktv review

Address Jalan Besar, Singapore Address North Bridge Road Singapore Session HH: 5pm - 9pm SH: 9pm - 3am. Address Syed Alwi Road. Address 2 Sam Leong Rd, Singapore Address Address: Orchard plaza Singapore Address Foch Rd, 48A, Singapore Session HH: 3pm-2am SH:. Address Cuppage Plaza Level 5. Address Upper Jurong RoadSingapore Session HH: 3pm - 9pm SH: 9pm - 3am. Address Geylang Rd, Singapore Session HH: 2pm - 9pm SH: 9pm - 2.

Session HH: 2pm - 8pm SH: 8pm - 2am. Address Joo Chiat Road, S Session HH: 8pm - 2am SH:. Session HH: 3pm - 8. Session HH: 5. Address Serangoon Rd, Singapore Session HH: 3pm - 8pm SH: 8pm - 2. Session HH: 4pm - 9pm SH: 9pm - 2. Session HH: 4pm - 9pm SH: 9pm - 2am. Session HH: SH: 11pm - 5.

sg ktv review

Address Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore Session HH: 3pm - 7pm SH: 7pm - 3am.HH: 3. HH: 4. HH: 2. HH: - SH: 7pm - 2. HH: 2pm - 9pm SH: 9pm - 2. HH: 3pm - 8. HH: 5. HH: 3pm - 8pm SH: 8pm - 2.

HH: 4pm - 9pm SH: 9pm - 2. HH: 9pm - HH: 8pm - 8. HH: SH: 11pm - 5. Sort results by:. Session HH: 3. Address A syed Alwi road Singapore Session HH: 4.

Address Jalan Besar, Singapore Address North Bridge Road Singapore Session HH: 5pm - 9pm SH: 9pm - 3am. Address Syed Alwi Road. Address 2 Sam Leong Rd, Singapore Address 56 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore Address Foch Rd, 48A, Singapore Luxury has never been a word that one would typically associate with a KTV bar. The dimly lit bar at the entrance doubles as a reception area, so you can have one of its barrel-aged cocktails while you wait to check into your private room.

There are also two VIP spaces that can be combined to fit At the end of the hallway, a wall-to-wall fridge stands, boasting a wide selection of wines and champagnes.

The bar programme also has a lengthy selection of sakesranging from popular labels to expressions from boutique breweries. Each room is a polished microverse, flanked by velvet couches and gold end tables.

All come fitted with a private refreshments fridge that offers premium bites, including chocolate made by local small-batch chocolatiers, Demochoco. Your friends will love you for it. Yes, I agree to the Privacy Policy. Follow our daily snapshots at lifestyleasiasg. Our brands. Beatrice Bowers. Share this article. Next article. The bar at the entrance. Bars Bars in Singapore David Bowie Robertson Quay ziggy's ziggy stardust karaoke bars in singapore ktv in singapore unity street bars in roberston quay.

sg ktv review

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Hello from the land of broken WiFi. As some of you. Everyone is flexing their baking chops on social m. It's been a week since we started the circuit brea. Recommended For You. Our sister titles prestigesg, augustman and pin. While you're busy getting that bread as you work f. Now that physical bars have shuttered temporarily.Delivery and return: On the respective day of delivery and return, our delivery team will transport the package to your address during the fixed timeslot of between 7pm to 11pm.

Simple to set up, lots of fun. Selection of songs is wide. Highly recommended. The KTV set was sent right to my doorstep without the need to self collect it. Will try again soon! Had been using HappyK service for the second time and this will not be my last.

Family had lots of fun bonding over karaoke. Their system is kept in great working order and mics kept clean and hygienic with new covers provided. Service is prompt and friendly. Will definitely rent their system again and again and again.

It's my 2nd time renting and we simply love how easy it is to install, the songs selection is so huge from the latest till the everlasting ones. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Delivery Date Between 7pm - 11pm. Return Date Between 7pm - 11pm.

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Singapore hidden spot - Little Vietnam (food, KTVs, bars, girls)

Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Facebook Twitter. Clear filter. More Filters. I recommend this product. Was this review helpful? Happy product with good services. Repeat customer - again and again.She is here on a long-term social visit pass and for this reason, she refuses to give us her contact number or name the individual clubs.

Miao Miao, 25, who is from Shanghai, China, says: "I just want to save myself from any potential trouble, be it with my clients or the authorities. Miao Miao says that is bad news for her. As it is, when Las Vegas De'Palace closed its doors last June, she saw her monthly income drop by "a drastic 30 per cent".

She says in a dramatic resigned tone: "How am I going to survive if the other three clubs do the same? Then tell me if that is easy for you," she challenges me. She reveals that in the first month of working, "there wasn't a night when the toilet bowl in my home was clean of puke". But that was eight years ago. She has been trained to hold her liquor well now. And she has grown to recognise the various drinks just from a sniff of the glass. Like the incident early Monday morning.

Five men were arrested after a fight over a pub hostess erupted into a violent confrontation in a private housing estate. The incident erupted after the Filipino hostess cosied up to a man while they were at a pub on Orchard Road, and this is believed to have angered the hostess' boyfriend.

Miao Miao says: "That is why I don't have a boyfriend until now. Not many men like the idea of other men pawing their women, or even worse, having sex with them. Are you really so naive to believe that everything is just clean singing and drinking? Miao Miao concedes that there are the rare hostesses who adhere strictly to their self-imposed rule of not providing sexual services.

It is not wise to end up getting drunk on your customers, worse if you throw up on them. It helps to settle your stomach before drinking. Skip to main content. This article is more than 12 months old. Assistant News Editor. Jan 18, am.Why does every foreigner get this wrong!?!?! You cant SELL chewing gum in Singapore but you can chew it in front of the police station and they cant do anything about it. Besides thatquite accurate reporting From an sg guy. So how do you bring chewing gum to Singapore if it is forbidden to import them and forbidden to buy them there?

Can you explain me why it is a wrong advice? There is a difference between import and bringing a few sticks in. Do you pay duty for your booze or ciggs when you pass thru customs? No coz its a small amount. Same goes for chewing gums. Done it plenty of times and as long as its a reasonable amountthe customs will let you keep them. It is officially forbidden. It comes first on the list of the prohibited goods from your official custom website: Singapore Prohibited Goods It is also the first prohibited item on the official "Customs Guide for Travelers", without any mention of quantity.

My advice was to avoid it, I am aware that it is not a big risk, but still it is still an offense. I also recommend to avoid jaywalking though I've seen plenty of people doing it and I'm pretty sure the risk of getting caught is small. Original report is correct - I've been stopped at customs after hopping-off the ferry from Batam.

They were very nice about it, but still, not much fun being dragged-out of the line and my bag searched - I felt like a drugs mule!

All the beautiful pussy in Singapore and all you asshats can talk about is chewing gum? No wonder you can't get laid.

sg ktv review

They also have an awesome Funktion 1 sound system which is state of the art same like at Jenja Jakarta and Bali or Koh.

Trendy mixed crowd between locals and expats. As for chewing gum: you can buy them at any pharmacy but you will need to register with your passport or local ID.

Hence chewing them is not per se illegal - it is really the importation in crazy quantities.