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Welcome to our online Meat Rabbit Breeder List — the place to find meat rabbits for sale and meat rabbit breeders near you.

This helps with search engine optimization and improves the views and ranking of both sites. To find a local meat rabbit breederclick on your state or enter your preferred rabbit breed in the search box. We are the very first small scale, ARBA Registered Rabbitry in our small town which is located deep in the heart of the Adirondack mountains.

Breed and raise White New Zealand rabbits. The does are mainly bred around the end of March for fair. There will be random litters here and there. I do breed for my fair so that comes before anything until I age out. Small rabbitry in Central Virginia focused on fun and usefulness of everything rabbit. While our emphasis is raising show quality Rex, we do raise New Zealand and Californian as well.

Our focus is raising for show 'cause that's fun! Good conformation yields a good carcass. Litter production, survivability, and growth rate are crucial and are included in our breeding criteria. We breed sizable meat mutts and giant mix rabbits. All pellet with organic garden supplement and irf mosfet datasheet time!

Holland Lops, Lionheads, Netherlands Dwarfs. All can be pedigreed. Our rabbits Rex and Satin are raised with endless love, timeless fundamentals, and the most up to date comprehensive husbandry. Whether for meat, breeding or showing my Rex, Satins and NDs are kind, beautiful and conform to their breeds Standard of Perfection.

Any of our rabbits would make a great addition to your herd. We have both pedigreed and unpedigreed available at this time.

We are a pasture-based rabbitry striving to consistently produce 5 lb fryers by 8 weeks old. Our colony style housing provides our rabbits a more natural environment than cage systems.

Breeding stock and fryers available year round. We are a small scale farm located in central Alabama in the town of Empire. We currently raise New Zealand whites, Californians. I breed and raise 8 different breeds. Flemish giants, Americans, Rex, mini rex, mini lops, Holland lops, English Lops, and netherland dwarves. Focusing on quality breeding for show and meat. We raise 3 breeds. The only meat rabbit breed is Florida Whites. We usually run about 60 - 90 rabbits.

Pedigreed or non pedigree. Showing and 4H. We personally breed for our show string, but we often have some quality breeding stock available pedigreed and non-pedigreed.Did you know there are more than 60 domestic rabbit breeds?

We have listed the most popular breeds within the United States and U. You can use the pictures below to navigate to our breed articles or simply keep scrolling for more info! Or jump to one of our in-depth breed articles! Lionhead rabbit. Flemish giant. Holland lop. Continental giant.

Netherland dwarf. Dutch rabbit. English lop. French lop. Mini rex. Polish rabbit. American rabbit. Californian rabbit. American fuzzy. American sable. Rabbits are wonderful and intelligent animals, but with more than 60 breeds of them in existence, we understand that narrowing down the vast amount of choices that are available is very important.

For instance, if you are interested in a giant snuggly lop-eared rabbit, you should have a basic understanding of the differences between various breeds of rabbits that have lopped ear carriage, such as the French Lop and English Lop. After all, each and every single breed is different in size, what they require, and in what their personalities are. For these reasons, we are here to help! In the following pages of this section, we will explain the some of the distinct traits in the most popular rabbit breeds.

We will go over tips regarding which ones make the best pets for small children, such as the Holland Lop. As well, we will cover which ones require the most amount of space, such as a Continental Giant ; which ones are most timid, as is the Polish rabbit or the Netherland Dwarfand which breeds require more grooming, like a Lionhead rabbit.

If specifically marked fur patterns catch your eye, perhaps you would be interested in a Dutch rabbit. Another option may be a rabbit with fur that is velvety-soft.

In that case, a Mini- Rex breed would be right up your alley. These curiously cute bunnies are available in a wide range of color, and average about 3. Their personality makes them a great choice as a pet, or as a show animal. In need for more information? Check out our in-depth article and learn why lionhead rabbits are great pets!

Flemish Giants are notoriously one of the oldest, calmest, and largest breed of rabbit in existence. Due to their easy-going, laid-back personalities, they are a considered as a favorite breed to have as a pet. They are dually popular in the show arenas. See our in-depth article and learn why these friendly giants are a beloved breed! Holland Lop rabbits are a small breed that have a short, stocky and almost boxy body type, somewhat resembling that of a Bulldog.

They have short, lopped ears and a pronounced tuft of fur on top of their heads. The average weight of this breed is typically plus or minus that of 3.Do you raise rabbits? Make sure to join our free directory! Add your rabbitry! Important to mention, getting listed is absolutely free of any charges. Our goal is to get the largest rabbit breeders directory! This might eliminate any conerns. If for some reason you want your listing removed you can do so at any given time by simply using our contact form and reach out.

Why did we build the directory? Our main purpose at RabbitPedia is to offer the most information available, in one location, to help each and every person learn about housing, daily care, grooming, health care, breeding, showing, proper diet, descriptions of individual rabbit breeds, and many other aspects involved in owning and raising rabbits.

Share on Facebook Pin it Send email Share page with other breeders! Your location. However, our site would not be complete by merely giving you an idea of how to find your perfect rabbit without also offering a way for you to find the best breeders. For this reason, we are offering a very detailed listing of rabbit breeders, not only from one country, but from all over the world.Rabbit Prices. Find up to date rabbit price listings.

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Information on pet rabbit, meat rabbit and show rabbit prices. Rabbit prices are like those of anything else for sale. They rise and fall with demand. They vary by region. Every breeder has his or her own philosophy for pricing rabbitsand what you get from one seller may be entirely different from the next. Pet rabbit prices vary more than any other type. Some show breeders will price pets low in order to get rid of them; others will price them high in an attempt to find them good homes. In general, if a buyer cannot afford this much for the rabbit, they probably cannot afford to take care of it either.

However, many breeders consider this unfair. This is fairly standard across all rabbit breeds. But it will likely add something valuable to your herd and produce better bunnies in the breeding pen.

The top show animals vary more by breed. In general, the more popular the breed, the costlier the top show bunnies will go for. They definitely added some good qualities to my herd. But the rabbits that had the greatest impact on my herd, the ones that propelled it from average to national quality, were the rabbits that my mentors gave me free out of the kindness of their heart.

That, or the rabbits I traded with other good breeders. You can do yourself and a friend a lot of good by making a fair trade. Meat rabbit prices fluctuate, of course, but are more standard across the country than show or pet prices. Expect this price to go up as more people discover the amazing health benefits of rabbit meat. Commercial producers are already struggling to keep up with the demand.

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rabbit breeders

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rabbit breeders

Wednesday, July 15, It's not always easy to find rabbits for sale in your area! So, consider these suggestions to help you find your chosen rabbit or breed. Even if they have no rabbits at the time, they might have a lead on a reputable rabbit breeder in your town. If the breed you are searching for is not represented, you can at least contact the organization for further guidance.

Nearly every breed recognized by the ARBA has a national rabbit breed club. Our All Rabbit Breeds page contains links to these breed clubs, if we could find the information. Many of these breed websites also include a breeders listing, including location of breeders by state. Just so you know, we've discovered that 'rabbit overpopulation' is actually a myth perpetrated by animal rights organizations.

But, your local animal shelter might have a few rabbits available. There is a dark underbelly to the 'rabbit rescue' industry. It could be the rabbits were voluntarily surrendered. But it might happen that those rabbits were illegally 'rescued,' meaning stolen under the color or pretense of law. See Rabbits - a shocking example of the lengths animal rights groups are going in order to put rabbit breeders out of business. The problem isn't the 'no kill' philosophy, by itself.

The problem is an unwillingness to euthanize a sick rabbit for which there is no hope of recovery. Such a rabbit should not remain in the pet rabbit pool.

Meat Rabbit Breeder List

Sneezing rabbits fall into this category. Be wise - avoid any rabbit with moisture around the nose, as well as any rabbit housed in proximity to that rabbit.

Use Google or another search engine to search for the type of rabbit you're looking for include your location in your search termor use Craigslist, for example. Regrettably, some animal activists in some areas have nothing better to do with their time than haunt the Craigslist rabbits for sale postings and flag them all for take-down. We're not sure when Craigslist is going to wake up to this abuse of their service, but until then, that's why we maintain listings of rabbits for sale in your state - click here.

Ask around! Word-of-mouth may yield some good information. Check your newspaper's classified ads section, or the Pennysaver or similar classified circular. If you need help finding your pet rabbit, return to this page for some great ideas for locating a rabbit as a pet.

rabbit breeders

Try following one or more of the above suggestions. One way or another, you should be able to find someone not too far from you who raises the breed you're interested in. Are any of these options interesting to you? Keep reading. Or contact us with more questions. Or, leave a post on the Raising-Rabbits Facebook page, or both! Get a Day Rabbit Classifieds Listing.There are over 50 breeds of rabbit and over varieties.

They vary greatly in size, colour and coat. The various breeds of rabbit are split into two main groups, the fancy type and the fur types. The fancy group includes the breeds that are kept for exhibition purposes. They are bred for their appearance, including body shape or type, size, colour and pattern or coat markings. Both fur and fancy rabbit breeds are included in the group called commercial rabbits, which are raised for their meat.

This section will look at all 50 rabbit breeds with a brief description of each. Below is a list of all the breed categories:. Rabbits Breeds. It is a medium-size breed; A registration Read More. All coloured markings-butterfly or nose markings, eye circles, Angora Breed: Angora Description: It is fitting that the Angora be listed among the first breeds because it begins with the Angente Breed: Angente Brun Description: This breed is exactly the same as the blue except the color is brown.

It is It was responsible for Beveren Breed: Beveren Description: The blue Beveren should be a lavender shade right down to the skin; the white should be Black fox Breed: Black fox Description: In this breed the silver-tripped guard hairs on the side of the body are considered beautiful, The accepted colors Californian Breed: Californian Description: The entire body color is pure white with the black point markings of the Himalayan although the Chinchilla Breed: Chinchilla Description: The Angora has been used successfully in the make up of the chinchilla, giving the coat its American Chinchilla Breed: American Chinchilla Description: The American was at one time called the heavyweight chinchilla and is a result of selecting Chinchilla giganta rabbit Breed: Chinchilla giganta rabbit Description: Breeders have found that very large breeds are not always profitable for the meat market It was derived by crossing Complete absence of markings butterfly smut, dark Dutch Breed: Dutch Description: The blaze is the strip of white flanked on either side by the cheeks of the predominant The Dutch saddle is also English Breed: English Description: The entire length of the spine is marked with a herring-bone pattern.

The saddle, as this line Flemish giant Breed: Flemish giant Description: Color is of the utmost importance. The first color was steel gray.

The gray must be Florida White Breed: Florida White Description: The ideal weight for bucks and does is five pounds and the registration weight for both Harlequin Breed: Harlequin Description: The flesh should be firm and not soft, a feature that made the harlequin popular as a Havana Breed: Havana Description: The ideal coat is one inch long, very dense and glossy, fine in texture and lying close Himalayan Breed: Himalayan Description: The ears should be as short as possible, but well-coloured without any presence of rusty shade or Lilac Breed: Lilac Description: The pinkish dove shade is much more uniform over the entire rabbit; the blue cast is much Lop Breed: Lop Description: The head is wide and bold, held on a short, thick-set neck.

The ears, which are French lop rabbit Breed: French lop rabbit Description: A breed colour of dwarf lop.Rabbit breeds come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities, which can make picking the right one overwhelming.

These Are 10 Most Fascinating Facts About Rabbits

The rare breed is a great choice for first-time owners because of its calm, sweet nature. Young children, however, are not recommended to care for them since they are shy and may bite if not handled gently. With a great grooming routine and healthy diet, the American rabbit can live up to 12 years.

Tracing its roots back to the 18th century, the Belgian Hare is one of the oldest breeds. It thrives best outdoors with ample space and hay. It's considered high maintenance, mostly due to its nervous personality — known to easily spook if people don't properly announce themselves before approaching it. Originating from France, the Blanc de Hotot can easily be spotted by its "black eyeliner" that contrasts the rest of its white body.

As a bonus, these bunnies do well with children and other pets as long as they grow up with them. Dedicated brushing time and taking walks outside are amazing ways to bond with them. A cross between a Himalayan and a Chinchilla, the Cal's dense coat allows them to enjoy time indoors and outdoors including the snow.

Although bred for show, the Californian loves to interact with its human family through play and cuddle time. Weighing in at about 13 pounds, a Checkered Giant is an ideal pet for couples or seniors looking for a companion. This breed is more independent than others and is less affectionate, but is still curious and gentle. Spot a Checkered Giant by the butterfly-like marking on its nose.

Developed in England in the s, the Dutch is one of the most popular breeds. Socializing is key for this energetic rabbit, who can become depressed if it spends too much time in its cage.

Thanks to its easygoing attitude, children are more than welcomed to care for it. The English Lop's friendly, laid-back personality has earned it the nickname, "the Dog of the Rabbit World. Their ears need to be regularly examined and their nails must be kept short in case they step on their ears.

The English Spot easily adapted to being a house pet after its long show rabbit history, which helped it get used to constant petting and handling. This bunny will fit right into any family, and it's recommended that the breed spend at least two hours outside their cage to stretch and hop around. Tipping the scale at a whopping 22 pounds, this "Gentle Giant" is known as a universal rabbit used for meat, show, coat, pet.

It's not uncommon to see a Flemish Giant playing with dogs and even cuddling with them if they live together. Children of any age are encouraged to pet them, but not attempt to carry them due to their size. If you're searching for a rabbit that will make a statement, the French Angora is it!

Of course, their fur also called wool requires substantial attention to keep it clean and mat-free. Spending time around others is said to make them more friendly and sweeterand are an ideal pet for couples who are ready to expand their family.

rabbit breeders