Laravel vue crud

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Introduction to vue.js in Laravel

Oct 10, Hello everyone! Welcome to justlaravel. Here I am going to discuss on vue. As with laravel 5. So here I will show you how to get started with Vue. In this app I will tell you how to do the same things the VUE way. Laravel uses npm to install all the related dependencies like vue, bootstrap, etc. Run the following command. Make sure you have the latest node and npm versions as some packages like laravel-mix require highest versions of node and npm. You can see a file named app.

I am going to write all the vue in this file itself. Here it has one text field to enter some text and a button to add that to the database. In the same page it shows all the entries in database with an option to delete any item. In the above snippet, for button I used click. I wrapped all this HTML in a div called vue-wrapperas Vue needs an element scope to reflect the changes on it.

Now I will write some vue methods for creating a new item, deleting an item and showing all the items. Here I will show all the items in the database, and display them in our page. For back end operation we use laravel itself. Getting data is as usual as I done in many of my previous posts, but here I will call that function from vue itself.

That function simply fetches all the items in the database and returns the data, which will be handled in vue. A new item is created when we click on the add button, which is discussed above. As you see the click. First I will get the input and check if it is empty and show some error if it is empty else add that item to database and also update the view.

Here I used vue bind feature which allows me to add or remove a class.If you would like to know more about Laravel, watch our Laravel live lesson with Isaac Castilloteacher of our recent Laravel course. We can now easily create a form in our create. We can obtain our request instance in two ways, according to the documentation. Our store method should now look like this:. Now, we can dump out the information to see what gets posted.

Add the following to the store method:. Laravel by default prevents mass assignment, which is a good thing. This just means that we have to declare which fields are mass-assignable.

If we were successful, we should be redirected back to where we came from, i. We should see the table returned with our new entry. What about success messages and validation? Laravel ships with a really easy-to-use Validator classand a quick read should have us going in no time. Laravel will automatically throw an error, which we can access in our blade template. What about a success message?

Well, if our validator passes, the rest of our code will execute, and we can redirect back with a Session flash message. Update the store method to create a new flash message:. We still need a way to actually see our records. Add this to the index method:. If the record is found, we can access it in our view. Back in our index view, we can now output the links to each individual task:.

Notice that we passed in the correct wildcard based on the task ID. You should now be able to click through nicely! By now, you probably realize how easy it is to get a new view ready for our RESTful app. This means that we have to pass in the correct task. In the TasksControllerwe can update the edit method to this:. Blade allows us to reference any file by using the include directive.

We can now replace the original snippet in our create. The whole edit view should look like this now:.Hello artisans, welcome to justlaravel. I have previously discussed Vue js in my previous tutorials where I created a simple search appand some introduction to Vueso here I am going to make a complete CRUD app using Vue.

Working Demo Project on Github. We first need to setup Vue in our project. Its a breeze in Laravel as it is already included with Vue, we just need to install some modules to get started with Vue.

The app will display a list of people with the name, age and their profession, with edit and delete options, and 3 fields to add a new item. You can also watch the video on YouTube here. All the Vue js part is written in file app. First I will create a new vue instance, and all the vue part is handled in an element with id vue-crud-wrapper i. Here a form is shown with 3 fields name, age, and profession with a button which when clicked calls the action in the js and performs the add operation.

So in the vue, I initialize some variables, which can be used in the methods like createItem. Here I also check for empty fields and throw an error when the input field is empty, so I initialize that hasError variable. So when the fields are empty, I change the hasError variable to false, and a condition is written in the view to display error when the variable is set to false.

Next, if all the fields are filled, I make a post call using axios and pass the data entered in the form. All the data that to be stored in the input variable and it is passed as an argument to the post function. We can create a new controller by running the command php artisan make: controller MainController. Here I used a model Data which has all the details related to database table the data is being stored.

So in the app directory, I create a new model named Data. Here the data is displayed in the table as shown in the image above. In the above snippet, I used v-for directive to repeat all the itemsalso used some click methods which are used to update and delete items, which I will discuss in next section. There is a hook in vue called mounted. Now the data is set in the variable itemsso iterating v-for this variable shows us all the data we need for the view. The above snippet is very simple and straightforward, it gets all the data from the database and returns it and that data is shown in the view using Vue js.

So if the showModal variable is true modal is displayed else it is closed. After setting showModal to truea method setVal with id, name, age, and profession is set. So when cancel is clicked, the showModal variable is set to false so the modal closes, when Update is clicked a method editItem is called.

The first four lines gets all the info from the modal using getElementById and uses those to pass as a an arguments to axios post method. So in response method, getVueItems is again called so the items are updated in the view.

The item gets deleted, and in the vue response function getVueItems is called, do the items are updated.

laravel vue crud

This is an awesome tutorial! Thanks a lot! Can you please provide migration for vueCrudData table? Thanks again for a great example! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Last modified on November 8, 6 min read. In this tutorial, using Laravel and Vue. Js, we are going to create a single page application.

We will learn who to create, read, update and delete using Vue. Js frontend and Laravel API backend. Each Laravel project needs this thing. Please see this part from here: Install Laravel and Basic Configurations.

We need to install vue-router and vue-axios. You can also run this command npm run dev. We are going to create Book model, migration and controller. We will add, read, update, delete book. Run this artisan command to create these 3 at once:. We need to define the index, add, edit, delete methods in BookController file.

Open BookController. Our model, migration and controller are ready to use. Open web. To declaratively render data to the DOM using Vue. Then paste this code:.

laravel vue crud

We will define router- view in the file. So all route pages will be shown in the App.

laravel vue crud

We are going to create the rest 3 Vue components here. We are about to finish. This is the last step. You're welcome to suggest any article to write! Thank you for this tutorial, it works like a charm!

Your blog has been really useful to increase my knowledge in Laravel so keep it up! Hi, thank you very much!

Thank you for reply! If you face any critical issues, you are welcome to inform me. I followed your instruction but when I click the add button, I am getting the error message in the console. It should work. Please check all the steps. Then run the app and test. You can also pull the project from GitHub and try to run the project. After that, if you still face this issue, please send me the project files as zip to my email. Thank you very much for your quick response.

Please check.Laravel is one of the most popular web frameworks today because of its elegance, simplicity, and readability. It also boasts one of the largest and most active developer communities. The Laravel community has produced a ton of valuable educational resources, including this one! This approach offers some important benefits:.

You will also need an Okta developer account so you can add user registration, user login, and all the other user related functionalities. Okta is an API service that allows you to create, edit, and securely store user accounts and user account data, and connect them with one or more applications.

You can register for a forever-free developer account here. Here are the step-by-step instructions:. You can leave the rest of the settings as they are. Finally, copy down the value of the Client ID variable.

Rasmus Lerdorf : PHP Frameworks all suck !

This value will be used in the OpenID Connect flow later on. You now need to insert the database configuration variables into the. Put the code that creates the database table in the up method of the migration:.

You need to tell Laravel which fields can be mass-assigned when creating or updating records.

laravel vue crud

Laravel 5. The transformation is defined in the toArray function of the resource class:. To test the API, just add some dummy data to the database use the Faker library to automate this process.

After that, you can access these URLs and inspect the responses:. You also need to make sure that the following headers are sent with each request:. You will install vue-cli and create a new Vue.

The app now contains a navbar with placeholder pages for Home, Trivia Game only available when logged inand the Login or Logout button depending on the login state. You need to secure your backend API so it only allows requests that include a valid Okta token. Define the URL in the config. The game is complete now!

You now have a basic Laravel API that returns trivia questions to authenticated requests, and a Vue front-end that can log users in and make authenticated requests to the Laravel API. This is a great start, but there is of course room for improvement. You can improve the code by extracting the common API boilerplate code retrieving the access token, sending the Authorization header, sending a request and receiving a response into a service class. If you would like to dig deeper into the topics covered in this article, the following resources are a great starting point:.Projects can be completed within minimal time-frame, with just few clicks your application will be ready for deployment with admin template ready, all Vue modules generated front-end template and codes are generated automatically with advanced roles and permission management.

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Laravel Vue Js CRUD (Complete Bootstrap Vue Tutorial)

You have entered an incorrect email address! Latest articles. The use of such approach allows you to Read more. Ninja - December 9, 0. Get better at the business part of your business Workice CRM is a web based invoicing and projects management tool for freelancers and small businesses What is Admin Architect?

Admin Architect is a administration framework for creating professional admin panels for laravel 5 within minutes There is a lot of neat ways to debug your Vue. In this video I'll explore different ways to debug