Drum module vs software

Use samples, synthesis, physical modeling and effects to build the drum machine of your dreams. Kong Drum Designer is not your regular drum module. Kong has 16 pads and 16 drums.

Do Drum Modules Even Matter In 2017?

Build your drum sounds based on any of the nine different drum modules. Flavor the sound with 11 support generators and effects. The synth snare drum is based on tone, harmonic and noise. Short and snappy or long and noisy. You decide. This module has four different hit types that can be spread out across the pads: closed, semi-closed; semi-open or open.

If your fondest memories in life include a musical backdrop of those ubiquitous tom tom breaks in 80s ballads, then this module will make your eyes misty. With its range of settings, this module can produce a wide selection of percussion sounds. Built on physical modeling, this module generates organic sounding kicks with flexible settings for tuning, size, beater characteristics and more. This module has four hit types center, position 1, position 2 and edge to generate a very natural sounding snare drum.

It comes with settings for snare tension, bottom and top pitch and more. This model has settings for size, tuning, stick and more, making it capable of sounding like a wide range of tom tom-like drums. You can create layered sounds or use velocity settings to create velocity switching between samples.

Nurse REX is an extremely versatile loop player. You can use it to trigger an entire loop from a pad, in sync of course, or use it to play a selected slice only. You can assign one loop across several pads and set the REX player to trigger chunks of slices — still in sync: instant breakbeat bliss! The support generators can be added after the drum module in the signal flow. They can add noise or tone to the sound if you need a little extra to get the sound you're after.

Kong comes with a selection of nine effect modules to help you shape your sound. Being Reason, you can of course also route external effects into Kong, or use Kong as an effect module.If you continue surfing you agree to the use of cookies. On this page you'll find a list of all electronic sound and drum trigger modules.

10 Amazing FREE Drum Software Instrument Plugins to Download Now!

We offer electric sound modules of all leading manufacturers like RolandYamaha2BoxPearlAlesis and many more. Please click on the image to proceed to the items in the respective group. As soon as there is news on the e-drum horizon we will get to it, test everything and make improvements and tell you all about it!

To be able to use drum-tec in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Modules On this page you'll find a list of all electronic sound and drum trigger modules. What's new? Right now we are waiting for the advent of the Alesis Strike as the new Alesis flagship module. It strives to revolutionize e-drumming with its color LED display and its vast sound library of kits from instruments.

drum module vs software

But when it comes NFUZD will deliver a modul with an open architecture which should support all pads from different brands. It is already been released in the US but they are still working on updates to get it ready for the German market.

Expected from Japanese manufacturer ATV are both a drum module smaller than the aD5 and a new high-end luxury class module. Right now they are working hard on their download solutions to expand the sound library of the aD5. We are also looking forward to new software releases in the near future. We offer electric sound modules of all leading manufacturers like RolandYamaha2BoxPearlAlesis Close window Modules.Can you make great music with free drum software?

With these free drum software programs, you probably can. You probably already know that there are a plethora of VSTs and drum softwares on the market. Practically speaking, the best drum software plugins are going to be the ones that you have to buy. There are at least three types:. This list of free drum software programs covers these three criteria. Nasty Looper is a free drum machine plugin that you can use either in your studio or for a live performance for creative loop and beatmaking.

Primarily it is good for making hip hop, house, and other EDM based genres. The plugin offers a lot of creative potential. Spec-wise, the plugin features 16 pad cells that can load 16 or bit. There is a mini-synth and break sequencer as well, which you can use to create your own sounds and inject slices of silence into your beats. Naturally, you can configure your choke groups to make sure that your samples are not overlapping with each other.

With Nasty Looper, you can construct up to 64 beat steps over a duration of 16 bars. It also has its own brickwall limiter to crunch your beats and make them loud, without actually clipping in your mixer.

In terms of effects, you can adjust the low pass and high pass filters, as well as add cool delays to your beats. Another cool thing is the ability to load MIDI loops into the VST itself, if you have some loops that you created or downloaded, you can try them out in this.

So for a free drum plugin, it really does offer a lot. The interface is easy to use and logical even though a little bit datedand there are tons of videos online to show you how to find your way around things.

You can download it and try it out with the demo content that it comes with. It only works in bit mode, though. But you can bridge it to get it to work on Windows 10 bit. With Murda, you can create really great sound kick-bass sounds for various electronic music genres. The sounds of serious quality, making this plugin very tempting to use inside of a professional level beat production, even though it is just free.

Spec-wise, Murda is like your typical softsynth. It consists of 3 oscillators that you can completely control via cutoff filter and resonance shaping.

You can even invert the envelopes with the toggle of the button. There is a pitch envelope as well which you can use to create those cool high pitched kick zaps. You can add as much distortion as you like, creating custom distortion curves that are visualized inside of the plugin for really crunchy and aggressive synth kicks.A Roland TD-9 module is only available on the second-hand market.

You have to dig through eBay or reverb to get one. It has been replaced by the Roland TD, which is also not in production anymore but much more expensive The sounds are almost identical.

Most internal features are the same too. The TD and TD do have a few more instrument editing and practice features, but overall there is not much of a difference to the TD The triggering and the pad compatibility is almost identical.

Not to forget, the TD has one less trigger input than TD-9 and Meaning you can expand the module with a 2nd slave module to connect more trigger pads. If you have a TD-9 you have basically the Roland high-end trigger capability combined with the possibility to expand your set with a huge amount of additional trigger pads.

No newer middle-class module has this feature, not even the TD The TD-9 will stay the best choice between the 3. I am not aware of any shop selling the update at this moment. Now it is hard to find and if you see one on eBay you have to ask yourself if it is worth it. The difference from 1. There are also some new instruments added and 50 new drum kits in total. Find more information about the Update here :. Better buy a TD-9 with the version 2.

All of the modules mentioned do not perform as well in terms of triggering, especially related to the hi-hat. No other module delivers such a performance, so many features and such a reliability for such a good price.

Considering all these factors, the TD-9 module might still be the best. Great article!Below is a list of the best free and paid virtual drum software programs available to download right now. They are available for PC and Mac computers in plugin formats to use with DAWs and most operate as a standalone program as well. Unless you plan on mastering the technique of recording an acoustic drum kit and finding a drummer to play for you all the time, having a good drum software plugin is one of the most important aspects of music creation.

Drum software is also surprisingly versatile. You can create custom kits and sounds with endless variations. You can use MIDI keyboards and drum pads to trigger drum sounds, and connect e-drum kits like the Alesis DM10 to play virtual drums in real time with an electronic drum set. There are several good choices when it comes to drum software.

Some have more expansion packs than others, some offer larger MIDI libraries ready-to-use drum loopsand others have more advanced editing and mixing tools. It just requires setting up a free account to register the softwrae. There are some MIDI mapping presets available to use it with other drum programs as well. The base version comes with 5 drum kits, two sound libraries, some MIDI grooves, and a mixer with effects. It works as a plugin and standalone program.

There are tons of expansion packs for additional drum kits covering a wide range of genres. It comes with 7 drum kits, with dedicated rock, metal, jazz, and brush kits.

It has a fully-editable groove engine to make creating custom grooves quick and easy. BFD3 works as a plugin and as standalone software. It comes with an extensive virtual drum library with 55GB of sounds. It has three custom drum kits, and features a Transient Shaper and Tone Designer and some included effects to fine-tune your sound.

Addictive drums can be used as a plugin as as a standalone program. Toontrack Superior Drummer 2. It offers more ways to adjust sounds and tweak individual parameters, and it comes with more effects and 20 GB of included drum samples.

Steven Slate Drums 4. Studio Drummer works with the Kontakt 5 Player. Comments thank you for the site. My electric drums crosstalk pls help me fix it.Diving into the world of the drum software can be a lot of fun, but it can get expensive fast - this is why it's important to know exactly what each program offers. Sure, you can always go download a free drum plugin like thesebut it won't be nearly as flexible or as in-depth as the ones listed down below.

As far as using drum software goes, you can either play around with the software on its own, or even better, trigger the sounds using an electronic drum set.

You can find our top picks for electronic drum sets in our electronic drum set buyer's guide. Add in a laptop and you've got a top-of-the-line drum machine at your fingertips wherever you go. The newest drum software of the bunch, Superior Drummer 3 is without a doubt the king.

drum module vs software

The amount of thought and care that went into every section is pretty incredible, and upon launching the program for the first time I felt like a kid in a candy store. There are tons of different presets for each kit and 35 mixer effects EQ, delay, reverb, filters, dynamics, distortion, modulation.

Have a beat idea in your head that you want to find quickly? Just tap out the groove on the drumset in the window and Superior Drummer is smart enough to give you grooves that match and order them by how closely they resemble your beat. All I had to do was select Roland from the list and it worked perfectly - even the hi-hat which other programs seem to have trouble with initially.

If you are at all interested in programming virtual drums or expanding the options of your electronic drum set at home, you absolutely should not miss this one.

Coming in at my 2nd place choice is Addictive Drums 2 - if you are playing live on an electronic drum set. There are still tons of options with mics, tone shaping, and effects to keep you busy. I really enjoy the funk and jazz kits as they add quite a unique sound compared to the default library. Just be warned - XLN Audio will suck all the money out of your wallet once you get addicted to all these expansions!

If you find a track you like and drop it into the Song Creator, EZDrummer will list all files with a similar style and groove which makes it very easy to create full songs in little time. It comes with a bunch of easy to modify song templates, and whenever you select a specific groove it will give you all the matching intro, verse, and chorus grooves so you will have a good idea of where to slot in the suggested ones which leads to a more polished and cohesive sounding song.

There's a large range of controllable effect chain presets that will allow you to shape the drums in any way you see fit. There's actually a whopping 33 total expansion packs you can get, so any style drum you need should be readily available to you. The nuances in sound articulation and quality go far above and beyond the others and you will really enjoy working with all the built in features.

If you are a songwriter at heart and just want to find and throw high quality drum tracks straight into your mixes, EZDrummer 2 should be your top choice.

Here is the best drum software you can buy at the moment:. Superior Drummer 3. Check Price. Addictive Drums 2. EZDrummer 2.Virtual drum software allows you to quickly and easily create realistic sounding drum tracks using samples and grooves performed by actual drummers on high-quality kits that were recorded in world-class studios.

Designed as a quick and easy way for guitarists to lay down drum ideas when songwriting, EZdrummer 2 includes a full library of MIDI grooves performed by professional drummers as well as drag-and-drop templates with pre-made song structures. Add, remove or change parts by dragging in new groove presets or creating your own unique MIDI parts.

Although the samples in EZd2 are designed to be record-ready, the onboard mixer is packed with presets for effects chains including compressionreverbdelay and EQ. Toontrack makes it really simple to cross-grade platforms and allows you to transfer your sounds and presets from EZd2 to SD3.

Showcasing enhanced songwriter functionality like multiple song tracks for different versions and advanced grid editing features like a built-in piano roll editor; SD3 is one of the most in-depth drum production suites available. Upgrades from EZd2 include the ability to use your own custom samples and a more detailed mixer with advanced routing capabilities, including separate channels for mic bleed.

In addition to the massive drum library, SD3 is compatible with dozens of sound and groove expansion packs. Addictive Drums 2 combines meticulously recorded drums from legendary studios with authentic performances by professional session drummers. Choose from sample presets or build your dream kit from scratch using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Transform your beats using the onboard sampler, loaded with EQ, compression, transient shaping, distortion, reverb, delay and even a dedicated bus for parallel processing.

XLN also offers great support for electronic drums and works out of the box with most models, making it a great option for drummers looking to create high-quality beats in their bedroom. SSD 4 was released inand fans have been waiting for a follow-up ever since. Originally slated for a release, SSD 5 is finally here, and it was totally worth the wait.

Of course, SSD 5 is loaded with hundreds of killer new drum samples, including 50 new kits, 77 snares, and 84 kicks. Equipped with a new physically modeled drum playback algorithm, SSD 5 simulates the authentic sound and feel of a live drummer. The new Deluxe 2 library features the most detailed drum sounds of any Slate collection, with more options for velocity, alternating hits and articulations.

Choose from dozens of presets for modern and vintage kits, ranging from rock to jazz to country. Packed with dozens of pre-made grooves, SSD 5 is like a professional session drummer in a box. Native Instruments introduced their legendary Kontakt sampler in Adjust the playing style of your drummer from robotic precision to loose and groovy with the Tightness control.

Use the onboard mixer to control levels for each drum as well as separate mono and stereo overheads and room mic controls.

Best Drum Software 2020

Apply EQ, transient shaping, bus compression, tape saturation and even convolution reverb to every channel. Native Instruments also offers additional drum and percussion libraries for Kontakt from Abbey Road that operate using the Studio Drummer interface. FXpansion recently introduced the third generation of their flagship acoustic drum studio software, which features over GB of samples — each with over 80 layers of velocity.

BFD3 includes raw and processed samples, allowing you to sculpt your own tone or grab something that sounds great right out of the box. FXpansion also sells over 40 different expansion kits ranging from metal to jazz to Japanese percussion. You may have heard of UJAM from their best-selling Virtual Guitarist plug-in, but they also offer a number of creative tools for drummers, bassists and beatmakers.

Recently, their Virtual Drummer 2 software received an update that completely reimagines the series. The new Virtual Drummer 2 also features an enhanced onboard mixer and individual outputs for each instrument. Virtual Drummer 2 is available in three versions: Solid, Phat and Heavyas well as a bundle with all three plug-ins.

Solid offers a well-balanced, versatile drum sound for a wide range of sessions. Phat combines funky urban grooves with a dry sound for tons of vibe and character —perfect for soul and funk. Each version features an interactive keyboard with a standard MIDI drum kit layout ranging over C1 and C2, while C3 and C4 feature preset phrases for verses, chorus, breakdowns, fills and more.

Each version features five preset drum kits in a variety of styles, as well as options to switch out individual drum sounds and save your own custom kits. An intuitive interface makes it easy to quickly dial in the perfect sound for any session with five custom mix presets. Simply select a preset from the right-hand side and increase the amount slider for more vibe.

drum module vs software

MT-PowerDrumKit 2 is another free option offering powerful, high-quality sounds of a realistic acoustic drum kit.