4l80e transmission wiring harness diagram base website wiring

See all 17 photos. Now fuel injection is all that comes from new vehicle factories and EFI engine swaps into older vehicles are very common. It seems for many people that the scariest part of the modern engine swap is the wiring harness. These are mainly battery voltage, switched ignition voltage, PCM output to control fuel pump, and a brake switch signal for electronic torque converter control if used. We have found LT1 Swap lt1swap. Brendan Patten runs the site and is an expert on programming many of the GM multiport injection systems.

There are companies that outright sell new harnesses for LS engine swaps, and some vendors will also rework a used harness for a fee. However, with a dozen or so hours of work and your attention to detail, you should be able to rework your donor harness yourself with some basic tools.

This story is meant to give you an idea what tools and techniques are involved as we show you some work from our Chevy Tahoe harness for a 5. The process for other GM engine harnesses is similar.

While it is possible to reuse a fuse block from the donor vehicle, they are often much larger and more complicated than necessary just to serve for this engine harness. What are needed are typically four power fuses and two relays to complete the standalone harness. Understand that this harness is just for engine control and does not necessarily tie into the rest of your vehicle harness. Such outputs as the speed sensor can be used to drive an aftermarket electronic speedometer and an engine rpm signal that can run a tachometer.

Plus, today there are tablet apps that can read the OBD-II port data and display some gauge information. The earlier LS engine models were all drive-by-cable; that is, they used a traditional mechanical throttle cable. Next came drive-by-wire DBW versions that use an electronic gas pedal assembly and a servo motor mounted to the throttle body that operates the throttle plate.

DBW systems on third-generation engines require you to use the gas pedal assembly and a separate throttle actuator control TAC module in addition to the PCM. These components must be fairly closely matched by year to work properly.

4l80e transmission wiring harness diagram base website wiring

In most cases, it is most reliable to use components from the same year and type vehicle. In fact, pulling the engine and all related electronic components from a complete donor vehicle ensures that you have system-matching parts that will play well together. These engines can be reprogrammed to disable the sometimes problematic cylinder deactivation function, leaving all factory parts in the engine. Patten has worked with these engines and warns that if a camshaft is changed, you must ensure that the lifters, camshaft, and AFM solenoid plate all match.

The wrong combination of parts can damage to the engine. There was also a flex-fuel version L59 of the 5. This engine used different fuel injectors and pump to flow more fuel. In addition, the PCM uses program code to read a fuel composition sensor that provides a digital pulsed signal based on the amount of ethanol in the fuel supply. This function can be turned off in the programming and the engine run on normal non-E85 gasoline without having to change any parts.

Of particular interest to those doing a harness swap for a 4WD rig is dealing with the vehicle speed sensor VSS. The PCM reads the speed of the vehicle to determine transmission shifting points. When using a computer-controlled transmission, such as a 4L60E or 4L80E automatic, you will need the VSS to properly shift the transmission. Another option is to use an aftermarket kit to place the VSS between the transmission and transfer case.

You can find more specific information about VSS function for other drivetrain configurations on lt1swap.This is a high quality replacement internal transmission wiring harness for GM's 4L80E automatic transmissions manufactured from to The transmission temperature sensor is included in this style harness.

OEM quality. Connectors matched perfectly. Nice diagram was also included. Great quality, works like it should, good price, and i got it in 3 days. Installation was easy. Created with Sketch.

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4l80e Wiring Diagram

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4L80E Internal Wiring Harness (1991-2003) 24222798

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User Blog. User Blog Global. Aston Martin Wiring Harness Gearbox. Securely Verified.But what actually is the difference between the 4L60e vs the 4L80e transmission? Can you swap between them? In this article, we will discuss everything about this and you will get the specifications for both transmissions and the differences between these. Even if these transmissions look pretty much the same on the pictures, there are a lot of things that are different between these transmissions.

Here are the most significant differences between these transmissions. Remember that these are the main differences and you can find other small differences if you carry out more in-depth research. The 4L80e is much larger and heavier than the 4L60E.

The 4L60E has a weight of lbs without fluid and a length of Just with these numbers, you can probably calculate that there is a big difference in size and weight between these transmissions. Another big difference between these transmissions that is important to think about if you are going to swap them, is the gear ratios. For example, on the first gear, the 4L60e has a gear ratio of 3.

This is important to keep in mind if you are swapping between any of these transmissions. If you are looking under the transmission for the transmission fluid pan, you will realise that there is a big difference between the transmissions.

This is a good way to identify if you have a 4L60e or a 4L80e transmission in your car. You can see the pictures of the gasket in the specification above. Due to the size of the transmissions, there is also a large difference between the durability of these transmissions when it comes to performance. This is mainly because of larger internals inside the transmissions. These numbers can differ a lot and you will get a lot of different answers about how much these can handle.

We have to remember that there is a big difference in the durability between a year-old transmission and a new one. So the condition of the transmission is important to consider when you want to know the max torque.The 4L80E is a 4-speed with overdriveelectronically controlled transmission, with ratios: Gear Ratio 1 2. These are:. This resistor dissipates up to 4 Watts of power at low line pressures maximum PWM percentages.

As a result, the resistor can get hot, so mount it on a heat sink ideally a metal block in an area with plenty of air circulation. In conjunction with that resistor, you will need a 1N diode placed between pin C and D on the 4L60E connector the closer to the transmission connector the better.

These two additional components cut the flyback spikes from the solenoid to manageable levels preventing damage to various GPIO board components and potentially cleaning up external signals such as the VSS. When the mode switch is closed, auto mode will be used, regardless of what you do with the shift buttons.

4l80e transmission wiring harness diagram base website wiring

If the mode switch is open, pushing either the upshift button or downshift button will put you in manual mode and pushing both OR switching the mode select switch to auto will put you back in auto mode. If you are looking for a 4L80E harness connector, try a scrap yard, or here: www. The pressure switch manifold PSM is a multiple switch assembly consisting of 5 normally open NO pressure switches.

Fluid from various hydraulic control circuits is fed to this the pressure switch manifold which allows the ECU to determine which gear the shift lever is currently shifted into not necessarily the actual gear the transmission is in.

The switch contacts are normally open and close when fluid pressure causes them to. Depending upon the circuit, the switch may provide a ground path when closed. The table below shows a pin that is grounded by the PSM as a "0", while an open circuit shows a 12 volts. Case Connector. It's a 0. Where is my engine's setup? Is it emission legal? What do the version numbers mean? How can I find my code version?

4L80E Transmission Teardown Inspection - Transmission Repair

What is 'tuning'? What about automatic transmissions? How can I find out more? Where can I ask questions? Is there a PDF of the manual?Downloads Gm 4l80e Transmission Wiring 4l80e 4l80e pto 4l80e tcm 4l80e 4l80e hd2 4l80e pump 4l80e tcc 4l80e tune 4l80e wiki 4l80e lines 4l80e seals 4l80e slips gm 4l60e transmission wiring diagram gm 4l 80 e transmission wire harness. Diagram Base Website Full Edition. Gm 4l80e Transmission Wiring Transmission Wiring Date : July 19, Gm 4l80e Transmission Wiring Whats New 4l80e Downloads Gm 4l80e Transmission Wiring 4l80e 4l80e pto 4l80e tcm 4l80e 4l80e hd2 4l80e pump 4l80e tcc 4l80e tune 4l80e wiki 4l80e lines 4l80e seals 4l80e slips gm 4l60e transmission wiring diagram gm 4l 80 e transmission wire harness.

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4l80e transmission wiring harness diagram base website wiring

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4l80e transmission wiring harness diagram base website wiring

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4L60E vs 4L80E Differences: Swap & Information

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